Flat-rate Network Support & Consultation  
Pay one flat-rate per month. Your IT budget stays the same all year long, no surprise charges.  This allows us to establish a closer relationship with you, your staff, and your business goals.

Premium Support

Being friendly, responsive and knowledgeable shouldn’t be a big deal. So why do some IT companies fall short? We don’t know, but customer service is our passion. We use the latest in remote technology to provide quick support when you need it and when onsite service is required, we’re there when you need us.
User Support & Training  
Sometimes feel like you’re a slave to technology? We give your users the basic training they need to do their jobs efficiently and use technology more effectively. This boosts user productivity and keeps support costs low.
Security & Update Management  
Hate broken software, viruses and spam? We hate it to! By patching on a regular basis, updating your antivirus definitions and stopping spam in its tracks, we keep your network safe, secure and in a word "reliable". Annual security audits keep security holes in your network closed.
24x7 Monitoring & Emergency Service
Computer and network problems do happen, but by proactively monitoring we ensure that preventable problems are caught before they cause business interruptions. In many cases the problem is caught and fixed before you even realize it happened.
IT & Business Integration
IT is more than just fixing things when they break. We move IT from a “support only” role to one that is central to your business. This allows us to see areas where technology can help you save time, money and increase efficiency.  Regular meetings with management ensure that your business goals drive our IT solutions, not the other way around. We help make technology one of your greatest business assets, instead of just an expense.
Documentation & IT Asset Management
Keeping stuff organized seems pretty basic, but it’s often overlooked. Accurate documentation allows us to speed up the support process. An accurate hardware/software inventory means no more lost media or licenses. Simply put, you know what you have and how much you have of it.


The Gigabyte…  Thinking About a Smart Phone?

It seems like everyone is jumping on the Smart Phone bandwagon these days. People want to get more done in and out of the office so getting your e-mail, calendar, and contacts is becoming essential for professionals on the go. There are also useful apps, like flashlights, levels, golf score keepers and remote desktop that make these devices a virtual swiss army knife.

So, you’ve decided to jump into the market? What’s next? Definitely “try before you buy.” Most providers offer a 30-day trial period. Answer questions like:

  • How much typing will I do?
  • Touchscreen keyboard or physical keyboard?
  • Large display or long battery life?
  • Simplicity or lots of apps?
  • Is e-mail synchronization OK or do I need my whole mailbox?

Finally, if you need help setting up your phone, call us a few days in advance so we can be prepared to help you out.