About Us

In 2005, Jon Hartman formed Reliable Network Solutions to offer businesses IT management services. Realizing the weaknesses of traditional break-fix IT management, a system was designed that allowed businesses to focus on growing their business instead of on IT management.  Since then Reliable Network Solutions has gone on to become one of the area leaders in Managed Services.

Founded in 1990 by Dave Lucas, Lucas Communication, Inc. designs, implements and maintains communication systems. In 2000, Scott Lucas took over the business when Dave Lucas retired. Since then, Lucas Communication, Inc focusing on high quality yet cost effective solutions has established themselves as an expert in the voice and data communication field, obtaining a BICSI certification in 2009.

Over the years, Lucas Communication, Inc. and Reliable Network Solutions have partnered together on many projects.  In 2009, the logical decision was made, and both companies decided to formally establish a joint venture to better serve our customers.   With over 120 years of combined experience, clients can be assured of the best quality computer networking and voice/data telecommunications services in the area.

Truly, we’re Coming Together to Serve YOU Better!

Jon Hartman – Reliable Network Solutions
Scott Lucas –Lucas Communication, Inc.

The Gigabyte…  Thinking About a Smart Phone?

It seems like everyone is jumping on the Smart Phone bandwagon these days. People want to get more done in and out of the office so getting your e-mail, calendar, and contacts is becoming essential for professionals on the go. There are also useful apps, like flashlights, levels, golf score keepers and remote desktop that make these devices a virtual swiss army knife.

So, you’ve decided to jump into the market? What’s next? Definitely “try before you buy.” Most providers offer a 30-day trial period. Answer questions like:

  • How much typing will I do?
  • Touchscreen keyboard or physical keyboard?
  • Large display or long battery life?
  • Simplicity or lots of apps?
  • Is e-mail synchronization OK or do I need my whole mailbox?

Finally, if you need help setting up your phone, call us a few days in advance so we can be prepared to help you out.